Equipment and Systems

This is a brief summary of the equipment selected and how the various systems are designed to work. Equipment and systems are a very personal thing and it should be noted well that what is appropriate for us and our style of travel may well be very unsuitable for others. Choose your stuff carefully!

Fresh Water

345 litre fresh water tank with full venting / draining / cleaning access facilities: 24V water pump - independently switched: Accumulator tank to regulate flow: 12mm semi-rigid pipework feeding calorifier, shower and kitchen sink: Fresh water tank warning level light indicating 1/4 full scenario - independently switched.

Electrical Systems

2 x 12V 100Ah leisure batteries in series giving 24V supply for water pump / fridge / blown air diesel heater / inverter / battery to battery charger / DC-DC voltage converter - charged from dedicated alternator: 1 x 12V 100Ah leisure battery giving 12V supply for TV / DVD / 12V charging points / 5V USB charging point / LED interior lighting / blown air LPG heater - charged from 24V -12V battery to battery charger which only switches in when vehicle engine is running and 24V battery bank is receiving adequate charge: Backup 24V to 12V DC-DC converter enabling 24V battery bank to supply all 12V equipment needs in case of component failure: 24V - 230V ac inverter - hardwired for backup method of heating coil in calorifier / powering domestic equipment via ac outlet socket (a proper hairdryer, primarily).


22Kg of LPG carried in 2 x refillable bottles with automatic 80% full cut-off devices and float gauges - filled via externaly mounted filling point: On-bottle 37mbar regulators. LPG supplies hob / oven & grill / blown air gas heater.

Water Heating

15 litre capacity calorifier heated by engine coolant circulating through the calorifier's heat exchanger. 750 watt 230V ac electrical element acts as back up heat source powered from inverter: Thermostatic mixer fitted to calorifier's hot water outlet to regulate temperature and maximise capacity of stored hot water.

Space Heating

Two interlinked systems. 2KW diesel powered blown air heater - thermostatically controlled via remotely mounted room temperature sensor: 2.4KW LPG powered blown air heater - also thermostatically controlled. Both heaters feed into common ducting system delivering hot air around the truck and can be used independently or together: Micro ducting feeds underfloor area to protect water tank / supply system from icing up / frost damage.


12V LED lamps throughout to conserve battery power - all independently switched - one utilising 'touch-switch' technology. Individual lights selected to best meet needs of individual applications and include spot / general / strip lights as appropriate.


36 litre oven with dedicated burner for grill: Two burner hob with one medium and one slow burner. All appliances powered by LPG.


110 litre compressor fridge with separate ice-box, several shelves and two salad drawers. Powered directly from 24V supply.


Separate partitioned shower area within ablutions room: One sink directly opposite shower room door - door opens to partially segregate the truck and effectively extend the shower room area to enable easy access to sink for brushing teeth / washing hands etc: Simple porta-potti for occasional use only.

Washing Up

Simple sink fed by mixer tap, separate drainer.

Waste Water

Biodegradable soaps etc allow free draining of all waste 'grey' water without issue. In sensitive situations waste water is gathered into a portable caravan style drain tank until it can be disposed of responsibly.

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