• A test drive with 400 grammes of Dyna Beads in each of the front tubes has returned an inconclusive result. On the negative side, there is still a wobble; on the positive side it's not as pronounced.

    Whereas before, the wobble would be prominent at between 47mph and 51mph, adding Dyna Beads means it is now (on the basis of only one test drive) only evident in a narrower speed band - perhaps 49/50mph.

    I have e-mailed the chaps in the know at Dyna Beads to ask if this is a known phenomenon and whether tweaking the 'dosage' might eradicate the wobble once and for all.

    To be continued...

    PS During the test drive I gave it some beans and got up to 57mph on a slight downhill with no trace of instability.

Tweaks and fixes are an ongoing part of the project. This series of pages form a blog - of sorts - and is intended to give a flavour of the day-to-day realities of living with the truck as issues crop up and tweaks and fixes progress. Many of the posts eventually end up getting written up properly and included in the main body of the Trip Truck site; so if you think you have read any of the older posts somewhere else, you almost certainly have.

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