• Further advice from Dyna Beads staff suggested trying another 2 ounces of beads in each tube bringing the total up to 16 ounces per wheel / tyre assembly.

    I gave this a go but haven't noticed any further improvement.

    I suspect that though out of balance wheel / tyres added to the wobble problem there is, as speculated before, some other factor at work. Quite what this is I do not know for certain.

    I do know that the wobble has always been sporadic and is seemingly exacerbated by certain road surfaces. It would be good to try some brand new tyres to eliminate the possibility of the original tyres, being sat as they have in HM reserve for so long, having locally degraded sections of their sidewalls leading to some 'squaring'.

    It seem intuitively possible that when squared off tyres get into a harmonic frequency with one another that they would cause the problem described.

    As and when our current tyres wear out (and we can afford new ones) I'll definitely report back on this one.

    For the time being, the beads have helped and the whole thing should be read in context. The wobble is an occasional irritation and is arguably in keeping with driving a tatty old army truck. If this happened on my brand new £100,000 Unimog or MAN I might be upset, as it is, it isn't a deal breaker.

    Throughout this attempt the staff at Dyna Beads UK have been incredibly helpful and have shown a genuine interest in helping to resolve the wobble issue.

Tweaks and fixes are an ongoing part of the project. This series of pages form a blog - of sorts - and is intended to give a flavour of the day-to-day realities of living with the truck as issues crop up and tweaks and fixes progress. Many of the posts eventually end up getting written up properly and included in the main body of the Trip Truck site; so if you think you have read any of the older posts somewhere else, you almost certainly have.

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