• Well, the second fuel tank is now mounted, if not yet plumbed in.

    This is how it will all eventually work:

    Tank 1 (the original standard fitment) remains exactly where the manufacturers put it and is in its original standard form.

    Tank 2 (the 'new' auxiliary) is identical to tank 1 but is mounted on the right chassis rail more or less opposite tank 1.

    Both tanks will be filled separately - as required.

    Tank 1 retains the standard fuel feed / return pipes and the fuel level sender unit.

    Tank 2 has the sender removed and blanked off (as per pic) and a stand pipe fitted through the top that draws off diesel for the Webasto space heater. It also now has its original fuel feed return hole blanked off (using the standard blanking plug removed from the top of the tank where the heater stand pipe now fits).

    Tank 2's original fuel feed outlet will soon plumb to a pipe that will feed a permanently mounted manual transfer pump. This pump will be used to fill tank 1 from tank 2 if supplies in tank 1 are running low and we are nowhere near a fuel station.

    It should give us between 600 and 900 miles range depending whether we are mainly off or on road and should be a really good way to manage supply.

    In practice, it's actually a good deal more straightforward than my cumbersome explanation.

    I'll post a pictoral explanation on the site proper whan it's all finished.

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