• Sikaflex isn't magic!

    Though it is something of a wonder substance and helps to bring ambitious fabrication projects to the masses, Sikaflex sometimes struggles.

    One of the back-fill lines of the stuff that weatherproofs the habitation box capping which is most inundated with collected water that (all too frequently) drains off the roof started to peel away at the very edge this winter, leaving a tiny gap for water to 'capillary' into.

    The capping itself was separately bonded to the habitation box and stayed absolutely firm but it did concern me that water being drawn into the tiny gaps (the pic exaggerates them somewhat) would eventually - with the help of icing up and thawing - compromise the capping's bonding and then eventually work its way to the panel edges themselves. I wasn't comfortable with this at all.

    And so, this weekend has seen a time-consuming digging out of the old failed line of Sikaflex in preparation for a hairdryer-assisted full drying out operation, and then a new sealing back-fill being applied.

    You have been warned! Keep a careful eye on anything that's waterproof-critical.

    I'll post a pic of the finished job later.

Tweaks and fixes are an ongoing part of the project. This series of pages form a blog - of sorts - and is intended to give a flavour of the day-to-day realities of living with the truck as issues crop up and tweaks and fixes progress. Many of the posts eventually end up getting written up properly and included in the main body of the Trip Truck site; so if you think you have read any of the older posts somewhere else, you almost certainly have.

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