• Just back from a 12 day trip to Ireland which, in the more remote parts, would make a pretty good testing ground for a new overland truck build. Roads are very narrow and bumpy and it's as good a place as any for seeing how a new-build truck deals with trees / bushes encroaching into the carriageway. It is not a place for polycarbonate windows.

    The truck performed well and I made only one repair which was nothing to do with the destination. I've written on a forum or two now about how our Dometic Waeco compressor fridge has proved less than reliable - after only 18 months or so it developed an over-run fault whereby the compresser / fan would not turn off once the thermostatically set temperature had been achieved but instead - irritatingly - kept re-firing up for a few seconds, them stopping, then starting, then stopping, then starting, then stopping... It got really dull after a while. Exposure to it may well have been a suitable strategy at Guantanamo bay.

    The retailers at Jacksons Leisure Supplies and Dometic themselves just kept trying to blow me off with the explanation that insufficient voltage would be the problem (as is the case for almost all compressor fridge faults) but persistence on my part eventually saw Dometic cough up a new thermostat pod (outside of warranty).

    This is the chap I took with me to Ireland and when the fridge finally stopped cycling at all I fitted it and normal service was instantly resumed. If your compressor fridge doesn't work properly, it is very likely that the electrical system isn't up to the job but if you know yours is, don't be fobbed off - these fridges, though generally reliable, are not infallible.

Tweaks and fixes are an ongoing part of the project. This series of pages form a blog - of sorts - and is intended to give a flavour of the day-to-day realities of living with the truck as issues crop up and tweaks and fixes progress. Many of the posts eventually end up getting written up properly and included in the main body of the Trip Truck site; so if you think you have read any of the older posts somewhere else, you almost certainly have.

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