• Well, the whole sedimenter / pre-filter issue did indeed run on a bit, it was a real nuisance to sort, truth be told.

    Since the last post I've been in touch with a few more LD owners and discovered it's fairly usual to find that most standard sedimenter bowls had been bypassed before being released from the MoD. Clearly something doesn't work well with the standard set up.

    With my own installation, the first thing I discovered was that the brass push-fit fittings that accept the standard 1/2 inch nylon fuel pipe - though not obviously leaking diesel - were allowing air into the system and making the whole thing, quite literally, a non-starter. My first move, then, was to replace the 2 x push-fit fittings with brand new items and - in a belt and braces kind of way - also seal the fittings with amalgamating tape. Apart from anything, I figured this would help in terms of stopping the push-fit section of the fitting moving around under engine vibration and thereby gradually compromising the effectiveness of the seal.

    This worked - well sort of anyway. Though the engine would now run, it took a very long time to crank into life. This bothered me immensely as the current ambient temperatures are high meaning good battery performance and thin oil. I could quite easily imagine that in winter, the batteries would be run down before the engine would splutter into life. Not good.

    I pondered what might be going on for a while and guessed that the standard sedimenter bowl position - quite high above the lift pump itself - was perhaps part of the problem. I figured that the lift pump was incapable of efficient operation when being called upon to draw diesel through the resistance of the sedimenter AND defeat gravity in the process. One home-made bracket later saw the sedimenter bowl mounted at fuel tank level and - crucially - below the level of the lift pump. In this configuration, and with some careful attention to plumbing detail, it seems everything works really well.

    In conclusion, the standard MoD setup doesn't work as well as it might for two reasons. The push-fit fittings are intrinsically troublesome and the sedimenter is mounted far too high. Here's hoping we're now sorted - I'll report back if there are any issues.

    Pic is of the bowl in its new position; hanging off the chassis rail under the lift pump and adjacent to the sump.

Tweaks and fixes are an ongoing part of the project. This series of pages form a blog - of sorts - and is intended to give a flavour of the day-to-day realities of living with the truck as issues crop up and tweaks and fixes progress. Many of the posts eventually end up getting written up properly and included in the main body of the Trip Truck site; so if you think you have read any of the older posts somewhere else, you almost certainly have.

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